Voting for the Nexxus City Sculpture Contest has concluded. The total tally for votes (top 3) are as follows (please read the entire message):

xx spyder xx 60 votes

Cyberwitch 50 votes

Seiya Faye 45 votes

points are broken down by place below:

1st place
Seiya Faye 24 votes
xx spyder xx 25 votes ***
Cyberwitch 19 votes

2nd place
Seiya Faye 10 votes
xx spyder xx 18 votes
Cyberwitch 16 votes ***

3rd place
Seiya Faye 11 votes ***
xx spyder xx 17 votes
Cyberwitch 15 votes

I have to go by the rules I posted, regardless of how people go about getting their votes. I cannot guarantee that voters even saw the contest site (who could?), as the voting website could easily have been passed around without the voters even visiting the contest site - such is life. Also, I made the error of starting the voting prior to all of the lots being filled, and only later discovered that the website I was using for voting would reset the vote counts if I added any other contestants to the list. I had no choice but to have to reset the votes and start if again only after the lots were filled, and having the prior votes only count in the event of a tie. Seiya and CW had a lot of votes from the original ballot, but since there was no tie, I would have to stand on the decision of giving xx spyder xx 1st place, Cyberwitch 2nd place, and Seiya Faye 3rd place. HOWEVER, in speaking with Cyberwitch, she would like the previous votes to count with regards to her and Seiya's positions. In that case, adding Seiya's votes (21 for 1st place) and Cyberwitch's votes (9 for 1st place), Cyberwitch would like Seiya to take her position in Second place, so therefore:

1st (2 festival points and webpage by me) goes to xx spyder xx

2nd (2 festival points) goes to Seiya Faye

3rd(1 festival point) goes to Cyberwitch

All results are final.

Many thanks to the builders for their patience, understanding, and participation, and special thanks to Wisper for being so supportive and helping so much with the builds and preparations for the contest! ((( Hugsss!)))

Peace and Happy Building,